Attractions for planning a winter trip to Seville
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Europe is known for its severe winters. Snowfall, rains, grey cold atmosphere is how one can describe the climate in Europe during winter. Now imagine, a place in Europe itself with around 10 to 12 degrees temperature as compared to sub zero temperatures during this time of year. Would you not want to escape to such warm and comfortable place during winters? Seville is just that. The temperature during winter dips to only 10 to 12 degrees, offering a pleasant winter to experience. This city was earlier not so famous among travellers, but over the years due to milder winters people have grown affection for this city. Weather condition is not just a reason but there are many other attractions that attract many travellers. Winter is time for festive celebration and like every other Spanish thing; Christmas celebrations are very cheerful and lively. We can dare say, this city has something for everyone. Read on:


Apart from several beautiful monuments some major ones are Gardens of Alcazar palace and the architecture of the cathedral. You could enjoy these intricately designed spaces during cold days. Plaza de Espana and Maria Luisa Park are kind of monuments that need to be seen drenched in the pink hues of evening. They are the perfect spots to visit during sun set.


During winter time, if you take a walk through the city you will get to see nativity scenes are being displayed on the churches and the shop windows all throughout the city. Every year during this time, a large gathering of people visits the Feria, del Belen. This is a Christmas market located at the foot of the Cathedral which is known to specialize in decoration and figurines for the nativity scene. So if you wish to soak in the local flavour, visiting this market should be on your list.


If Christmas markets are the beginning of seasonal festivities, consider this parade as the end of it and time to send the kids back to school the next day. On January 6 a parade is organized, where sweets and small toys are thrown at the gatherings around.


Seville is not just famous for these things but it is the birthplace of Flamenco dance, monuments, cultures, traditions and more. Apart from this the city also has the most famous Easter processions.

Since winters are not so severe, one need not worry about carrying too many woollies or changing your car or SUV winter tires or change to studded tires. You can just normally pack and get going. This is the fun to visiting Seville. Quickly pack routinely stuff and you will never regret visiting this beautiful place.

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