A Stimulating Weekend in London

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There would hardly be anybody on this planet who doesn’t find UK exciting. The good old capital city of London is so charming where the old so easily co-exists with the new. The buildings are beautifully designed and people from all parts of the world throng London, which makes it culturally also very rich. I wanted to take my wife and kids to London, because I have visited it a few times for work but I wanted my family also to experience the thrill of spending some quality time in the UK’s capital city.


We had decided that we would go for a weekend trip to London. We had booked flights and then we took an Airbnb apartment right in the city. It would be nice to go there, because it had been a long time since my last visit. We decided that we would change all season tires for our car before heading to the airport.

When we then finally arrived in London, we took the underground to the station where our apartment was. We then met with the apartment owners and got the keys. Then they showed us around before they then left and we decided to change before going to the city.


We lived in such central that we just had to walk out of the door and we were in the city. We decided that we would now do a sightseeing tour and go and see all the sights that were near us. So we then started by going to see Big Ben, London Eye and Westminster Abbey. There was a lot of tourists, but not as crowded as usually. When we then had taken all the mandatory tourist pictures, we decided to walk to Buckingham palace.


At the palace, there were quite a lot of people, but that did not bother us and we got all the pictures that we wanted. So from there we then went on we could get and wanted to find a place where some afternoon tea.


If there is one thing that is very particularly British, it is the tea. How could we come all the way to London and leave without tasting the tea? We finally entered a quaint little restaurant and ordered tea, which was very stimulating. In fact, our whole weekend in London was very full-filling. My wife said she couldn’t express in words her happiness at having experienced the thrill of having spent some time in London.

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